About Me

I am a certified art educator with nearly fifteen years of fine art and academic classroom experience. I have been at The Kinkaid School as Lower School Art Teacher for the past eight years. 


My pedagogical approach fosters effective, creative development of impactful curriculum and implementation with a “whole child” approach. I view my students as young artists learning not just technical skills, but the means to express themselves visually. Their artwork is the creation of an individual with an ever-expanding awareness of art ancestors and Self.


My students and educational institutions benefit from an instructor who is: a practicing visual artist, a passionate lifelong creative learner, an innovator and “imaginator,” fueling dreams with complete dedication and enthusiasm, and a pedagogue that is continuously researching and implementing best practices in the art classroom. 


I believe that my role as an educator extends to service in the community. On behalf of my students, I make every effort to initiate learning projects that are service-minded and connect learners to their world outside of the school. Living this practice is another way in which I demonstrate to students the joy that art may bring to others.

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